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Astrounaut lost in a forrest

Houston we have a problem

the complex 

Streamlining user experiences by transforming intricate processes into intuitive, seamless interactions, making complex systems easy to navigate and understand.

In the universe of design thinking, these words serve as a call to action to spark innovation, to ensure you reach the right destination.

Workflow that
just works

Effortless UX is streamlining workflows that enhance user experience, ensuring seamless interaction and increased productivity.

Partner with
a UX Expert

Tailored UX design, ensures intuitive, user friendly interfaces, increased conversion rates, and enhanced user satisfaction and engagement.

When you understand a problem you design with purpose, create positive impact and empower users.


KOOCM* is a Lead Creative Experience Designer & Brand Development Specialist

With over 15 years of professional design experience, *Monica has navigated through the evolution of the industry, contributing to large ad agencies, small design studios, and companies of various shapes and sizes.​

Her journey includes owning her own business and taking on roles such as brand ambassador, event management, brand experience, DJ, graphic designer, art director, creative director, web designer, studio manager, UX/UI designer and product designer.

Wearing many hats, both loved and loathed is opportunity to always be learning and pushing the limits to improve and make a positive impact.


Ensure everyone understands the user and business problem being solved. Success hinges on understanding and educating.


Your colleagues have lives outside work. Approach every interaction with kindness and assume best intentions. Not everyday is someones best day.


Titles like UX/UI, product design, interaction, usability expert, design strategist, CX designer or UX design matter less than the actual work.

Focus on solving the user and business problems with the right tools and methods. Sometimes, a “design tool” is just a productive meeting.


Find faster, better ways to communicate.

A well organised meeting or a concise email can often achieve more than hours spent perfecting a presentation.


Engineering, design, and product should collaborate daily, even for a quick five minute check in.


Claim a space for design at the decision making table. Our work is crucial, and if it could be done without us, it would be. Demand respect and recognition for the value that design brings.


Specialise in your passion and excel at it. You shouldn't have to be a unicorn, it is merely a nice to have.

The push for designers to do it all stems from business misunderstandings and greed to have an agency service provided by one person.


Design tools come and go - Figma, Flash, Dreamweaver...


What remains constant is the importance of effectively communicating with stakeholders, being open to new technology, innovation and what may seem like a crazy idea at the time.


Nurture a culture of transparency and honesty.

When people are left in the dark, they speculate, which is counterproductive.

Work Life Balance

Take your holidays, don’t skip lunch. The business will survive without you for a moment, while you recharge and come back with fresh perspectives, new experiences and motivation.


We are all replaceable. Stay humble and grateful for your opportunities.


Maintain your professional network.


Opportunities to help and be helpedvare invaluable.


I’ve Gathered

Along the Way 


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